About Digital Mapping Solutions

Digital Mapping Solutions (DMS) has been providing integrated mapping solutions to commercial and government organisations since 1994. We currently deliver enterprise class spatial solutions to over 140 organisations across Australia and New Zealand and our GIS solutions are highly regarded for their performance, functionality and ease of maintenance.

We develop our own geospatial software locally in Australia and intergrate powerful OSGEO Open Software where possible in order to provide our clients with leading edge, cost effective enterprise spatial solutions.

We have an experienced professional consulting team that work closely with our clients ensuring that our enterprise solutions can be implemented quickly and efficiently. We offer comprehensive project planning, implementation and configuration services, training and ongoing support services to back up our application software.

DMS is an enthusiastic supporter of the Open Source GIS community, contributing back to a number of Open Source projects including MapServer and QGIS.

With offices in Perth, Melbourne and New Zealand we have comprehensive geographic coverage to support our growing client base.