Does your organisation have data that you would like to access in a spatial context? Do you have various corporate databases that you would like to access via a central portal with a geographic context in a standard web browser?

IntraMaps is your information portal to communicate geospatial and corporate data, enhancing the value of the data by allowing it to be visualised and analysed within an interactive map.

The IntraMaps suite of products are commercial-off-the-shelf solutions that offer powerful web based GIS data viewing, querying and analysis. IntraMaps has all of your enterprise spatial data deployment needs covered with internal and public facing solutions, customised web applications and mobility all managed via a fully configurable web based architecture. Each product in the IntraMaps suite can be easily linked with your existing corporate and spatial data to provide intuitive access by any network connected users.

The IntraMaps product suite includes:

·         IntraMaps Enterprise

·         IntraMaps Public

·         IntraMaps MapControl

IntraMaps is a mature and proven solution with over 140 Enterprise deployments across Australia and New Zealand. Highly regarded for its ease of implementation, configuration capabilities and ongoing maintenance, IntraMaps offers a robust and proven solution that you can rely on.