The IntraMaps ConfigManager is designed to provide a simple and intuitive means of configuring all aspects of the IntraMaps application and comes standard with all products in the IntraMaps suite.

The ConfigManager application ensures that administrators can efficiently manage the large number of configuration parameters that provide IntraMaps with it's comprehensive and flexible range of features.

The ConfigManager is presented in an easy to understand Windows Forms based Graphical User Interface. All configuration parameters are managed in an XML file allowing administrators to quickly construct and test new configuration settings.  The ConfigManager can be used locally and remotely from the IntraMaps application server, providing even greater flexibility to your administrative team.


The IntraMaps ConfigManager now works hand in hand with a new version of the MapManager application. The MapManager is supplied with the ConfigManager and provides a powerful means of building high quality Map files for display within IntraMaps.  Each module in IntraMaps requires an individual Map file which may be derived from many different spatial layers incorporating numerous display settings. The IntraMaps MapManager makes it easy for administrators to quickly build, test and maintain multiple different Map files ensuring your spatial data can be presented to your users in the most appropriate display settings. 


  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Copy, paste and modify existing modules
  • Full security with active directory support
  • Interactive building and testing of SQL Queries
  • Create data entry templates
  • Remote Administration
  • Search form builder
  • XML based configuration files
  • Usage statistics
  • Create multiple print templates
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