IntraMaps Roam

IntraMaps Roam is a powerful field based data collection and inspection tool that is capable of operating in an off-line mode. IntraMaps Roam has been designed to operate on a touch screen Windows tablet device and can be customised to automate the recording, reporting and maintenance of inspections such as firebreak, tree inspections and other common inspection tasks. IntraMaps Roam will operate on any Windows 7 or 8 PC and supports integrated camera and GPS to provide real-time mapping in the field.

The IntraMaps Roam architecture also supports data synchronisation with the IntraMaps server, providing a seamless link between mobile data and enterprise data.

IntraMaps Roam is based on QGIS desktop GIS and is freely available under the Open Source GPL2 licence. Full details including software download instructions are available on GitHub

DMS are able to offer professional services to support the implementation of IntraMaps Roam projects including the configuration of merge/replication for integration with existing corporate systems such as IntraMaps or asset management systems.


  • Polygon and line capture support
  • Drawing pad
  • Camera support
  • Form building tools
  • Legend page
  • Attribute help
  • GPS logging and tracking
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