QGIS Discovery

The aim of the course is to provide an understanding of the geo-processing tools used in QGIS to edit map features as well as be able to make effective use of tools and procedures associated with advanced styles, labels, and map printing.

Course Objectives:

•  To provide an overview of core QGIS map production functionality.

•  To provide a guide to map drawing editing tools, features and support     resources.

•  To provide a range of worked examples that simulates daily GIS related tasks.

•  To provide an opportunity to ask questions.

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Course Outline

Geoprocessing Tools i.e. Splitting and combining objects

Introduction to the processing toolbox

Buffer creation

Model processing

Heat map creation

Raster image registration

Web services



Database connectivity

MSSQL Spatial layers

Advanced styling

Managing symbols

Advanced labelling

Map series generation

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