QGIS Kickstart

This course has been designed for a user with little or no experience in QGIS.

The aim of the course is to provide a general understanding of the tools used in QGIS to create and edit map features, create new layers and provide the facility to create high quality output.

Course Objectives:

•  To provide an overview of core QGIS map production functionality.

•  To provide a guide to map drawing editing tools, features and support resources.

•  To provide a range of worked examples that simulates daily GIS related tasks.

•  To provide an opportunity to ask questions.

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Course Outline

QGIS basics

Understanding data types

Setting up QGIS preferences

Map navigation

Understanding coordinate reference systems

Layer creation and manipulation

Managing styles and labels

Using Attribute data

Setting up Attribute actions

Editing map objects

Creating new map objects

Printing and composer creation

Data exporting

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